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February 28, 2019

Bossbabe Feature: Dannielle Paige | Inside the Drawer

Oh em gee!  Dannielle of Inside the Drawer is one of those women that lights up a room as soon as she walks in.  We met in a Facebook group for creatives and hit it off right away.  I knew I wanted to collab with her and I’m so so glad that I did.  She is such a boss and I’m honored to have had the chance to photograph her in my Blush Studio.  I mean seriously.  She’s gorgeous, talented, and fierce!  Dannielle, I know you have some life changes coming up and big dreams to conquer!  I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you.  You are destined to do big things!

1. Tell us about yourself!
My name is Danniélle Paige. I’m from a small city in Florida called Coconut Creek. If you’re not too familiar with Florida it’s adjacent to Boca Raton, which literally means ‘Rat of Mouth’. ‘Rat of Mouth’ guys… I mean come on! Anyway my family primarily consists of flavorful and vibrant Jamaicans, that are the definition of Old School. Outside of that there are only a few of us born in the states, were considered “the yankee children”. Which means I grew up doing all the things my parents didn’t want or expect me to do. –And yes, I am still the same! I enjoy trying any and all things new and atypical. After college I worked at an interior design firm for about a year before realizing that I was not meant to work the typical 9-5. There are so many artistic mediums that I enjoy working in, connections that I yearn to create through experiences and a thrifting addiction that I just can’t kick!

2. Tell us a little bit about your business!
Inside the Drawer is designed to encompass and recognize all things design. When the name Inside the Drawer came to me, I was experiencing many different stages in my life. One major one being, planning and designing my own wedding! It was in this experience that I realized I had to take on many different characters; a bride, designer, planner, executer, visual artist and spectator. I wanted to create a multifaceted business that would help the everyday person attain a luxury service. Inside the Drawer acknowledges every aspect and angle of interior design through different lenses. By addressing accessibility, affordability and the need to educate everyone we work with, the hope is for individuals to find their own kind of design style. An important part of my business is sharing the personal stories of everyday people, who aren’t typically highlighted because homes are considered more private. By highlighting their individuality, design style and all the funkiness that follows, I believe that by taking a peek inside their drawer, you’ll be a little bit more proud of what’s inside of yours. After all, self-expression is a shared experience!

3. How did you get where you are today? What was the journey like? Who/what helped you along the way?
Wow! Man these questions are really diggin’ deep into these old rusty cabinets in my brain. Ha! Let’s See! I have definitely gotten where I am today because I’ve never known what it feels like to ‘Stop Working’. Since I was a kid I always wanted to keep myself busy. At the age of thirteen, I wished I was fifteen so that I could legally work, even then I searched for a job that would agree to paying me under the table “Shh!” because I craved for a sense of independence. Something that I have discovered only recently is that, when I start something I not only finish strong because I reeaally want to see the results. But, because I genuinely enjoy the process of really diving into every project that I take on –AND that feeling I experience when I’ve completed a task… I don’t think I could replicate it with any other alternative. I can’t say that my journey has been hard. I mean it’s had its moments but to sum it up with such an immeasurable word almost seems wrong. I’d like to explain my journey with a scenario; Ready?! I’m hiking (which you will never actually catch me doing in real life because I don’t exercise… at all!) in a valley that has some crazy high altitudes and some nut-so low ones. With every challenge I face whether, they at high or low points. I experience the occasional whirl-wind, forcing me to look back and backtrack to where I started, to safety. But, when I look forward I don’t see an end or a stopping point, so I continue to push myself. Because, if I can’t see the end it must be something pretty darn unimaginable!

My Faith and my husband have definitely helped me along the way. I don’t know about you but I have a really hard time believing the people closest to me, when they say that I’m a Boss as what I do! My husband has been a constant reminder throughout my journey mainly because we live together and its unavoidable. But also because in the process he’s helped me strengthen my relationship with God, who proves time and time again that if he doesn’t give up on me. There’s no way I can give up on myself!

4. Do you follow a certain daily routine or schedule to maximize productivity and well-being?
Nope! Trust me. I’ve tried. I’ve tried bullet journaling, purchasing planner after planner, I’ve even gone as far as setting alarms for every task I should start and complete… Listen! I’m talking like 20+ alarms in a day. Unfortunately, it’s a no go for this gal. I’ve kind of gotten into the practice of realizing that I need to press ‘Reset’ every morning. I wake up, and reassess what I’ve accomplished, haven’t accomplished, and need to accomplish before a certain date. After I’ve done that the day just takes me where it takes me. It sounds a bit counterintuitive, but I definitely get less done when I put restrictions on myself. If I’m in it, I’m in it!

5. If you could go back 5 years what would you tell yourself?
Do not take out those student loans, Girl! I’m kidding! I mean I would definitely try and squeeze that piece of advice into 18-year old me. But, I would most likely tell myself; “Hey! Listen up! It’s going to be an interesting road ahead. But everything, LITERALLY everything and everyone that crosses your path is going to do so for a reason. You are so fierce and funny and pretty darn creative! So don’t let yourself hold you back. Just learn as much as you can and retain it, I mean really retain it because you’ll need to remind yourself of the experiences you’ve had the entire way.”

6. Do you have mentors or coaches that you look up to?  If so, tell us about that!
I have to admit! I don’t think I’ve ever had specific mentors or coaches that I’ve looked up to in my life. I was that kid that, when given the prompt to write about someone that inspires you. Went on google and typed in ‘People that should inspire you!” I’m talkin’ waaay into college years too! I can say however, that I’ve looked up to different every day ‘normal folk’ whenever I’ve been faced with a new situation or scenario in my life. I’ve analyzed time and time again how they handled a new baby, a promotion at work or even an unexpected parking ticket. And simply compared it to how I should handle something in my own life. I think I have always done this because I adore the people around me that overcome and continue to show grace, no matter how big or small their challenges are.

7. What is the biggest challenge you face as an entrepreneur?
The biggest challenge I face as an entrepreneur is believing in myself. It’s not as simple as I thought. “Believing in yourself!” Which is crazy because growing up, I watched countless movies and television shows that pretty much reminded me of that, everyday! –and I think for a while, I really did believe in myself. Until I started to see how many people were out there ALSO believing in themselves. It sounds like something that should be simple, but it’s something that has literally paralyzed me to the point where I’m sitting in bed doubting my abilities and unleashing them onto the Netflix remote. I’ve had to get into the habit of reminding myself that, just like my DNA neither I or my business should be just like someone else’s.

8. You are a role model for women! Do you have any advice for women in business?
“Girl! You’re it!” Whether you believe it or not, in this time where there it seems like people are experiencing so much clarity there are also people experiencing a lot of doubt; in themselves, in their profession, in their worth, you name it. But, YOU are already a phenomenon! There have been so many women in history that never get a chance to express themselves in the capacity that we do today. So if you’re going to kill it, kill it with all your being, with the force of all the amazing and relentless women that came before you!

9. What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working on your business?
My favorite thing has to be turning on my favorite Spotify playlist, and singing up a
storm on my second floor apartment. Which, I’m sure is not ideal for my neighbors
downstairs. But! It’s fun and I feel like a star!

10. If you could inspire our readers, what would you say to them to pursue their dreams?

Don’t look to others for permission, if you feel it in your gut that you’re on the right path and it’s time to get in the game. Do it! You’ll regret the opportunities that you let someone talk you out of more than the ones you’ve tried; fail or succeed!

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