Building a boudoir business from beginning to end.  I share all my secrets.



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a kim lyn course

I remember being a 20 something year old single mama.  I was so confused and had no idea what to do with my life, especially after leaving an abusive relationship.  I put myself through school, worked 2 jobs, and raised the best little boy in the world.  His name is Ayden Maddox.  Fast forward a few years and God led me to Shiloh, a long time friend.  We were married less than a year later and I became a mama to three handsome step sons, Issiah, Azariah, and Judah.

At that time I was dealing with some health issues.  I quit my job and needed to find something that would work with our families schedule and my condition.  That's when I started researching photography and starting my own business.

it's all about

building a life you love

Here we are 6 years later and I couldn't be happier.  I have gone through many ups and downs, lots of hustle, and a bit of confusion as I tried to find my way in the entrepreneur world.  I am proud to say I have created a six figure business that I love.  I am able to be home with my family, take vacations, and provide them with a financially stable future.  I finally have a career that I am in control of instead of a job that controlled me.

My heart knows your struggle girl!  I have been there.  I see your passion!  I know your heart.  More than anything I want to see you succeed.  This is where I will share all of the things I have learned when building my family and business!